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Helena Bonham Carter happy with wrinkles

Helena Bonham Carter would never have plastic surgery, insisting age is “underrated”.

The 44-year-old eccentric British actress has no fears about growing older and has ruled out going under the surgeon’s knife or having Botox injections once her looks start to fade. Helena insists she needs to be able to move her face and look natural in order to be a convincing actress.

She went on to pay tribute to older stars in Hollywood who still look fabulous and haven’t had any work done.

“I can still move all my face muscles. Look! There aren’t many who can still do that,” she said in an interview with British newspaper The Daily Mail. “Age is underrated, I think what’s happening is that directors and the studios want actresses who have natural looks, who haven’t had any work done.

“The problem is that now the high-definition camera can tell, so it’s best to leave your face alone. Look at Judi Dench. She’s beautiful. Talk about her face being her fortune! She never stops working. That’s what I want for me.”

Helena is adamant that she will only continue to land movie roles if she avoids cosmetic operations. The star is comfortable about having wrinkles on her face because they are a reminder she has lived her life.

“You have two choices. You can have the work done and look weirder. Or have nothing done and look older,” she added. “I think the only way I’ll continue to get work is if I don’t get anything done.

“There’s beauty in an older woman. The lines represent something.”

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