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Hemsworth blown away by Snow White

Chris Hemsworth has described Snow White And The Huntsman as "Lord Of The Rings on steroids".

The actor revealed he was reluctant to take the role of the Huntsman in the film, which stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White, because he thought it might be too similar to Thor.

He said: "Then I looked at the character and read the script and thought, 'OK, I haven't seen this version of it before.' He's a drunk and a mess. He's an open wound, and I thought, 'OK, this is a different entry point. It's kind of Lord Of The Rings on steroids. When I saw a cut of it recently, I was just blown away."

The actor added that he cringes when he sees the films he shot before being cast as superhero Thor in The Avengers, such as Cabin In The Woods and Red Dawn.

He said: "Selfishly, I look back each week and think, 'Oh, jeez, I knew nothing last week and now I get it.' So to go back three years, I sort of cringe at the thought of what I did then as opposed to now.

"So that's sort of nerve wracking to think that I've learned more than what's going to be shown on the screen.

"But you have no control over that. That's the nature of the business. I'm proud of all of those films and had a great time making them, and they all kind of are pieces of the puzzle that got me to where I am now."


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