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Hemsworth excited about fatherhood

Chris Hemsworth has revealed that he is excited about becoming a dad.

The Thor star, who reprises his hammer-loving superhero alter-ego in Avengers Assemble, is expecting his first child with Spanish actress Elsa Pataky.

"I'm incredibly excited about fatherhood. I am excited about Thor 2 too, but I think the biggest challenge will be fatherhood," he said.

Chris also admitted that he's not quite sure what to expect from the Thor sequel, although Tom Hiddleston is expected to return as his wayward brother Loki.

"I haven't got a script yet for Thor 2. I do get input into the script to a degree," he continued.

He hinted that the film's director Alan Taylor could propel the follow-up, set for release in November 2013, into a new direction from Kenneth Branagh's first film.

"Alan Taylor, one of the directors and creators of Game Of Thrones, is directing it. What I love about that series is the mythical element to it, but that world that they lived in was entirely tangible and organic. It was all real locations, not green screen."

Chris added: "I think Thor and Asgard could use that. That would be a huge plus, to not have worlds that are too clinical and ethereal, and have places that look like they have existed for thousands of years. I think this would be more locations and less green screen."

:: Avengers Assemble opens in cinemas on April 26.


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