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Hemsworth for Independence Day 2

Liam Hemsworth could be battling an alien invasion to save the world after being offered the starring role in Independence Day 2.

Director Roland Emmerich is making a sequel - titled ID Forever - to his 1996 blockbuster, but Will Smith has declined to reprise his role as heroic air force fighter pilot Captain Steven Hiller.

According to The Wrap, multiple sources have confirmed Hunger Games star Liam has been offered the lead role in the movie.

Fruitvale Station's Michael B Jordan - who is set to appear as the Human Torch in the new Fantastic Four movie later this year - is also rumoured to have a part in the film.

Jeff Goldblum, who played computer expert David Levinson, and Bill Pullman, who played the US President in the original film, are both tipped to return for the sequel.

Jeff told Time magazine last year: "I had a meeting and have been talking over the last several months or year with Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, the producer, and they've been cooking up and say they have a part for me in what they hope will be a plan to make another one pretty soon."

When the film was first announced it was given a release date of 2016, but the project has been on the back burner for some time while the script was given a re-write.


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