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Hershey showed Scorsese Christ book

Barbara Hershey has revealed she could have given Martin Scorsese the idea for his Oscar-nominated film The Last Temptation Of Christ 16 years before it was made.

The Insidious actress was directed by Scorsese in 1972's Boxcar Bertha when he was first starting out and passed on the book, The Last Temptation Of Christ, to him, which she later starred in as Mary Magdalene in his 1988 big-screen adaptation.

She said of Boxcar Bertha: "It was the first film he was ever hired to do, and it was definitely intended to be a B-movie. It was never going to be a Scorsese film in terms of what he was capable of or what he continued on to do. But it was great to see his enthusiasm and love of film.

"I could see that he was religious and I told him about the book (The Last Temptation Of Christ) during Boxcar Bertha - I'd been profoundly affected by the book."

Asked what her favourite film of her career had been, Barbara named the religious drama: "The Last Temptation Of Christ, because it was more than a film. Just the experience of making it, and I love what it's about.

"I was really touched by the book, and to play Mary Magdalene with Martin Scorsese directing was a rare experience."

Barbara stars in Insidious: Chapter 2 and explained why she had chosen to appear in her first ever sequel: " I like that it was a continuation rather than just something they invented to make money; there was some reason for it. It picked up immediately (after the first one), which is, I guess, why they call it Chapter 2."

She said of the first Insidious film: "When I met (director) James (Wan) and talked to him, I was excited because he's an enthusiast, and he loves what he does and is so good at it."

:: Insidious: Chapter 2 is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray


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