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Hiddleston: War Horse breathtaking

Tom Hiddleston has said the experience of working on Steven Spielberg's War Horse was "breathtaking".

The Thor star appears alongside David Thewlis and Benedict Cumberbatch in the big screen adaptation of the hit play, which tells the story of the First World War through a horse's eyes, and told how moving he had found the project.

Tom said: "I think the experience of the film is breathtaking.

"Just because it's a war film, it's about hope and courage and perseverance, set against the shocking waste of that particular war."

He went on: "That's the war in which Europe lost its innocence and lost a generation of young men. So many soldiers were killed.

"Spielberg told me he's been looking for a story to tell about the First World War for a while, and then he saw the stage show and was moved beyond words by it and then later discovered in his research for the film, that approximately nine million horses were killed in the First World War.

"In cavalry charges, as transportation, as ambulances. They literally worked every animal until they dropped down dead.

"And this story about one horse who is kind of our eyes is really about the durability and the courage of the human spirit."


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