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Higson plans for Carry On series


Charlie Higson wants to give the British filmmaking industry a boost

Charlie Higson wants to give the British filmmaking industry a boost

Charlie Higson wants to give the British filmmaking industry a boost

The Fast Show star Charlie Higson has revealed he wanted to create a "factory" of Carry On-style films.

The 56-year-old comedian would like to establish a troupe of British comics to continue the spirit of the bawdy comedies.

"My dream would be to do something like the Carry On films where you get your favourite comedy character actors and each year you put them in a different vehicle," he told Radio Times.

"I grew up watching those black and white films, the Ealing films, and you looked forward to seeing those great comedy actors whether it was Terry Thomas or Margaret Rutherford. There used to be a whole factory."

Charlie was inspired to recapture the Carry On spirit during the filming of The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm. The BBC One film stars Harry Hill as the eccentric inventor alongside Death In Paradise star Ben Miller as a ruthless developer and David Mitchell as a stuffy council official.

"It was fantastic to work with a brilliant team of comedy character actors on Branestawm," the actor-writer said.

"The problem is the gap between the film industry and the TV industry, and the TV people think they know better."

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He continued: "The problem with our film industry here is it virtually doesn't exist, for a start. In America, if somebody gets a good following doing a character on Saturday night live they'll make a film.

"Half of them might be rubbish but then you gets the likes of Wayne's World or whatever.

"The problem is because these films are few and far between it puts a huge weight on you. Whereas if we were making five or six a year then you'd say 'here's another nice British comedy film let's go and see that'. But they have to become a big event."