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Hill: I wanted to make Pitt proud

Jonah Hill has said he felt a "real dedication" to Brad Pitt while making their new film Moneyball.

The movie - directed by Bennett Miller - stars Brad as Oakland manager Billy Beane, who puts together a baseball club by using computer-generated analysis to draft a winning team.

Jonah, who plays economics graduate Peter Brand, told New York Magazine's Vulture blog: "Brad's been with this movie for a long time. It's something he's so passionate about.

"He stuck with it through many incarnations of the film. So you really want to do him proud. You don't want to be the puzzle piece that messes up the puzzle, so I felt a real dedication to making Brad and Bennett proud. And part of that was making sure that we had a palpable connection."

The newly slimmed-down star of Superbad and Get Him To The Greek also revealed Brad liked to lighten the mood off camera.

"I would say Moneyball was a very focused set. Meaning, quiet. I didn't have friends around - on comedy movies, I do, because it adds to the vibe. And this was such a quiet contrast. It wasn't unhappy and tense; it was quiet and focused," he explained.

"That being said, off the actual set, Brad would do a lot of practical jokes on me and vice versa. That thing about him doing that kind of stuff? It's true. When we were hanging out, we'd have a great time."


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