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His name IS Doctor Who, says Steven Moffat

Whovians have been arguing for decades over whether the Time Lord is called Doctor Who, or simply the Doctor.

Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat has laid to rest one of fans’ most fiery debates: what is the Time Lord’s name?

The outgoing writer and executive producer insisted his name is Doctor Who and not the Doctor, as many believe.

“There isn’t any doubt about it, I’m sorry. It was established in The War Machines (episode) that his name is Doctor Who,” he told thousands of fans at Comic-Con on Sunday.

He provided a slew of evidence to back up his point, including signing letters “Doctor W” and the third Doctor having a “Who” licence plate.

“He doesn’t often call himself Doctor Who because it’s a bloody stupid name,” Moffat added.

But he handed an excuse to fans who want to go on insisting the contrary, joking this could be “equally true” because “what would Doctor Who continuity be without blatant and unresolvable contradiction”.


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