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Holly Willoughby ruffles feathers with low-cut DOI dress

The dress divided opinion online.

Holly Willoughby (Ian West/PA)
Holly Willoughby (Ian West/PA)

By Julia Hunt, PA Entertainment Correspondent

Viewers have complained that the dress Holly Willoughby wore for Dancing On Ice’s launch show was “too low-cut”.

The TV presenter – whose outfits are always a talking point – wore the ruffled dress with a deep plunge as she hosted the ITV show’s Christmas special with Phillip Schofield on Sunday.

The outfit divided opinion on social media, with some fans saying the stylish star looked “beautiful”, but others saying it was a bit risque for their tastes.

“I love @hollywills but why does she find it necessary to wear such a boobtastic dress so early in the evening when children are watching?” tweeted one person.

“@hollywills not impressed with your far to low cut dress,” said another viewer.

“Consideration for children would have been nice, oh I’m turning over as don’t want to see them either.”

One viewer wondered whether Willoughby had “got her dress on back to front”.

“Christ on a bike! Holly Willoughby might as well be topless wearing a dress like that!” said another fan.

One person feared the star would freeze.

“@hollywills needs to wear a vest around all that ice, she’ll catch a cold,” said the viewer.

However, others said it was a lot of fuss about nothing.

“Get a grip” urged one fan, while another said: “Seriously people need to get a life and stop moaning about stupid things.

“Apparently they were all moaning about holly Willoughby’s dress on dancing on ice earlier we’ll i saw a clip and there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Dancing On Ice returns to ITV in January.



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