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Home Alone star re-enacts classic movie scene

Home Alone actor Daniel Stern has re-enacted his famous spider scream movie scene some 26 years later.

Stern, 58, played bumbling burglar Marv in the big screen hit which propelled child star Macaulay Culkin to fame.

In the 1990 movie, a scene showing Culkin's character Kevin McCallister putting a tarantula on Marv's face and his resulting scream became a hit with fans.

The actor recently posted a video on Facebook commenting he had "received a visit from an old 'friend' this weekend".

The video shows him covering up a red bucket with white paper, commenting: "Guess what I just got in the bucket? I hope I can show you without killing myself."

"Let's take a peek inside the bucket," he says, showing the camera a huge spider in the bucket.

"Ahhhh," he screams while laughing, adding: "Just like in the movie, huh?"

Delighted fans posted photographs of him with the spider on his face from the film.

One commented: "If you asked anyone to name a scene from home alone I bet that most would name 'that scream', closely followed by 'keep the change ya filthy animal'."

Another wrote: "Looking good, Daniel. Won't forget that scream ever. By the way, you are the reason why I have seen Home alone lots of times".

Stern's character Marv was the sidekick to Joe Pesci's character, Harry Lime.


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