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Horror film was traumatic for Fox

Phoebe Fox has revealed that shooting The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death was a terrifying experience for her.

The actress, who joins Jeremy Irvine in the horror sequel, admitted that her young co-stars would take advantage of her gullible and scaredy-cat nature.

"Jeremy and the director abused the fact that I scare very easily so I had a lot of people jumping out at me from cupboards and around corners. So the whole shoot was quite traumatic for me," she said.

Jeremy added: " The director would call rehearsals just so he could hide in the cupboard and scare Phoebe. I take great pleasure in scaring everyone else. There were a lot of kids on this as well and I fell into the 'tormentor' (role). I had a blast, it was such fun. It was like being back at school and Phoebe was the one we were picking on."

Phoebe said filming the underwater scenes in a flotation tank was also challenging for her.

"I hated it. I don't like water generally," she admitted. "They (the filmmakers) make you go underwater for three or four hours at a time and then they take away your oxygen and your goggles, and say, 'Go act.' It's unbelievably hard."

The film is a sequel to The Woman In Black, which starred Daniel Radcliffe and was released in 2012.

"I do feel a pressure. The first film was such a success and we're not Daniel Radcliffe. I think everyone feels that's a bit of a shame!" she said.

"I feel that quite keenly but I try not to think about it. But this is so different from the first one so they can't really be compared."

:: The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death is in cinemas now.


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