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Hough reveals battle for wild side

Julianne Hough has revealed she is too much of a good girl to fully cut loose.

The singer and dancer plays a Christian evangelist who tries to explore her wild side in new movie Paradise, the directorial debut for Oscar-winning screen writer Diablo Cody.

Speaking on the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of the film, Rock Of Ages star Julianne said she could relate to the struggle to be bad her character faces.

"I play Lamb who recently got in a terrible plane accident and is now burned on two thirds of her body and so she really doesn't know where she belongs and who she wants to be. It's a test of faith and she says 's***w it all, I'm going to Vegas, I want to sin and do everything bad' and she realises she sucks at it, she can't drink, she sucks at being bad.

"It was really fun because I feel, as wild and crazy as I want to be, I can't. I have a conscience, I can't be that crazy and I felt we had hand-in-hand experiences."

The movie is the first directed by Diablo, who won an Oscar in 2008 for her original screenplay for pregnancy comedy Juno.

Dressed in a plunging green dress, Diablo said: "It's been five years since I won the Oscar and I will never forget it but I learnt not to allow it to put pressure on me in the future.

"It's unlikely I will ever experience anything like that phenomenon again. I am always inspired by experiences in my life and the experiences women go through, the search for identity and who we are."


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