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Hoult: My guilt over zombie role

Nicholas Hoult has confessed he felt bad for his co-stars in new film Warm Bodies.

The About A Boy actor plays R, a zombie who begins to come back to life after falling for the ex-girlfriend of the man he's just eaten.

He told Collider of playing the undead: "It's an odd thing to try and do. I just felt bad for the other actors who had to do scenes with me, because there wasn't a lot going on a lot of the time.

"For Teresa (Palmer, who plays R's love interest) she'd have pages of dialogue to rattle off while I just sat there and looked blankly at her."

Nicholas said director Jonathan Levine gave him the confidence to do the unusual role justice.

"It's just committing to it and believing what you're doing and trusting in Jonathan as well, he's a very talented director so that gave me a bit of confidence."

And Nicholas decided not to create a back story for the role.

He added: "I decided that since he had no memory of who he was and couldn't remember his own name or any recollection of his life I thought, in that case it doesn't make sense for me to know it."


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