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How Harry Potter star grew horns


Daniel Radcliffe attends the UK premiere of Horns at the Odeon West End, central London.

Daniel Radcliffe attends the UK premiere of Horns at the Odeon West End, central London.

Daniel Radcliffe attends the UK premiere of Horns at the Odeon West End, central London.

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has revealed how he listened to Radiohead to help him find his dark side for his new film Horns.

The 25-year-old actor joined co-star Juno Temple on the red carpet in London's Leicester Square for the premiere of the horror movie.

Daniel stars as a DJ called Ig Perrish - wrongly accused of murdering his girlfriend, played by Juno - who wakes up to discover he has grown horns which drive people to confess their sins.

So he sets out to track down his girlfriend's killer and exact revenge.

Daniel revealed: "Music has always been something I use to prepare quite a lot. And because this character's a DJ, music is very present in the film and so I just made a couple of playlists for him.

"I normally make at least one but I think this one stretched into two CDs and it was stuff like Perfume Genius and Radiohead.

"There's a band called Place To Bury Strangers, which is not a band I would particularly recommend to everybody, but their world and their sound is what I felt Ig's world sounded like - chaotic and noisy."

The young British star also admitted how excited he had been on his recent visit to the set of the new Star Wars movie at Pinewood studios.

He revealed: "I was so excited, 'cause I literally just watched the original Star Wars movies very recently, so I was like a new fan going on set. But I got to meet Harrison Ford and have a chat, and he was lovely. It was great.

"Most people would be excited about seeing the Star Wars set but I went out because all my friends were working there 'cause it's the Potter crew, they've basically just moved onto that, so I was going to see all of them."

Warner Bros recently announced it is making a trilogy of Harry Potter spin-off movies based on JK Rowling's Hogwarts textbook Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them.

David Yates is directing the first, and Rowling is currently penning the screenplay.

Daniel said: " At the moment signing on to another three seems crazy to me, it's a lot to take on soon, so full respect to David for tackling it. I'm not involved. I'm going to go and watch it with everyone else, it's going to be good."

Meanwhile, Juno revealed how her co-star had kept her entertained with his jokes while filming Horns.

She said: "I think it's important when you're doing a film that is so dark to embrace laughs once in a while.

"And there was one take at the beginning which was this long complicated camera shot, we may have done about 30 takes of it, and every time Dan had to tell me a joke to make me laugh - he has over 30 jokes stored in that brain, so there were a lot of laughs."

Horns, based on the book by Stephen King's son Joe Hill, is directed by French filmmaker Alexandre Aja, whose previous work includes The Hills Have Eyes reboot and Piranha 3D.

The film is released in cinemas on Wednesday October 29.