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Hugo Cabret 'exciting' for Moretz

Chloe Moretz has revealed her excitement in filming Hugo Cabret with Martin Scorsese.

The teenage actress, who next stars in Let Me In, portrays Isabelle, an eccentric girl who comes into contact with the lead title character, a "street urchin" played by Asa Butterfield, in the director's first 3D film.

"It's very exciting, and I'm very busy with that," she said.

"My character is very adventurous and I love adventures. We're shooting it in 3D, which is very exciting but it's a very long process."

Chloe, who previously received acclaim for her portrayal of Hit Girl in Kick-Ass, called the Oscar-winning filmmaker "amazing".

"He is really amazing. I mean, of course, he is Martin Scorsese," she continued.

"He's such a sweet guy and he's like a friend to me, he's just Marty. It's a really good relationship between everyone on set - we're all friends - and he creates a good environment on set."

:: Let Me In is in cinemas now.


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