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Hundreds bid to star in Pan movie

Hundreds of young boys have queued up for their chance to star in the new Peter Pan movie.

Warner Bros studios held open auditions at Wembley Arena for the part in the big-budget film, and hordes of hopefuls attended in a bid to be cast as the boy who would never grow up.

Casting director Dixie Chassay said they were looking for a boy aged between 11 and 13 and said she was delighted with the amount of people who came to try out.

"We're thrilled with the turnout, it's amazing, and extremely generous of people to make the effort," she said.

She said the team "were looking for somebody with some magic to portray this magnificent, historic character who we all know and love".

Most of the wannabe Peter Pans admitted they were battling the nerves as they waited in line at Wembley.

One said: "I think I'm more excited than nervous, but I think I'll get a bit more nervous as I get further down the line. But yeah, it's going to be big."

Pan will star Hollywood heartthrob Hugh Jackman and be directed by Joe Wright.


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