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Hunt: Sex on film is not realistic

Helen Hunt has admitted her sex life is more like the awkward realism of her new film The Sessions, than the glamorised view normally portrayed in films.

The 49-year-old actress stars opposite John Hawkes as a sex therapist hired to help a disabled man lose his virginity in the movie, which gives a very frank portrayal of sex on screen.

Helen, who has been in a relationship with filmmaker Matthew Carnahan since 2001, said: "It's just a break from the bizarre look at sex we get all day, every day. From what's on the computer and what's on the screen, this movie feels like a breath of fresh air on a beautiful topic.

"I've never seen sex in a movie like this before. And I didn't even realise it until I made the movie, but especially when I saw the movie - we've been for decades and decades seeing all this strange stuff. There's perfectly timed music, lingerie perfectly chosen for the occasion, gripping of hands, and all these things that aren't in my bedroom!

"My bedroom is more like this - things are improvised and scary and funny and liberating and sad, and a whole lot of things that I don't see in movies very much."

And while the actress, director and producers admits there are still barriers for women to break down in Hollywood she doesn't agree there are no good rules for women her age.

"Not lifting my head up from this beautiful experience," she said. "Because in this moment, I got to play as good a part as I've ever seen."

:: The Sessions is in cinemas now.


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