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Hurwitz: Development film possible


Jason Bateman starred in Arrested Development

Jason Bateman starred in Arrested Development

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Jason Bateman starred in Arrested Development

Arrested Development stars Jason Bateman, Michael Cera and David Cross could return for a movie spin-off, creator Mitch Hurwitz has said.

Mitch revealed he is working on a script for a big-screen version, although he admitted it is still early days.

"I can't get into much more detail because I don't want to scare anybody off. I don't want to be presumptuous about it," he told Rolling Stone.

"I don't own the property outright - it's a 20th Century Fox property. But everybody seems really into it and really eager to make a movie."

The cult series, which was cancelled in 2006 after three seasons, returned for a fourth season, and fans are eager to see more from the Bluth family.

Mitch continued: "But I want to be very careful about not putting out false information. I want to get a time and tell everybody when it's happening and not play with people.

"I'm always sort of superstitious about talking about this stuff before it happens. It's the best way to guarantee it doesn't happen."

The 50-year-old reckons it would be easier to reunite the cast for a film: "A TV season is a six-month commitment. But I think it would be very doable to get them together for four or five weeks to make a movie."

Mitch is also hoping to make a fifth season of Arrested Development, following the end of the fourth season, shown on Netflix, in May.

"It's always been its own little thing. I kind of feel like the more it stays original, the better chance it has. As soon as it goes back to trying to do exactly what it was before, you run the risk of doing a reunion show or something," he added.