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Huston set for The Longest Ride

Jack Huston is to star in the latest Nicholas Sparks love story to be adapted for the big screen, The Longest Ride.

The Boardwalk Empire star will play a young cowboy, Ira, who falls in love with a college student, Deadline reported.

The Longest Ride is the latest in a string of Sparks' novels to be adapted for the big screen, including The Notebook and Safe Haven.

The Longest Ride begins with a 90-year-old widower stuck alone in the wreckage of his car after a crash. He is visited by the ghost of the love of his life and as they reminisce about their lives together, their story becomes intertwined with that of the young cowboy and the student.

The film will be directed by George Tillman from a script by Craig Bolotin, Brad Desch, Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber.

It is due out in April 2015.


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