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I’m up against having children now at 38, says Kelly Brook

The TV star said she loves her life, but is aware that she has not yet become a mother.

Kelly Brook has said she wishes she had children in her 20s because she feels “up against it” now she is 38.

The model and TV presenter, who said she is now unsure if she will be able to become a mother, also opened up about losing a baby when six months pregnant several years ago.

Brook told ITV’s Loose Women: “I spent so much of my time focusing on my career and making money – that was such a focus that, actually, having a family was kind of left behind.

“Now I’m in my late 30s, I feel like, actually I wish I kind of thought more about having children earlier.

“I do feel like now I’m kind of up against it.”

Brook said she is happy with her life, in terms of career, owning her own home and having independence, but that she is aware that she has not yet had a child.

The former Big Breakfast presenter was in a relationship with former rugby player Thom Evans when she miscarried a baby at around six months pregnant in 2011.

Several months later, she fell pregnant again but had another miscarriage within a few weeks.

Speaking about first miscarriage, she said: “I hit 30 and I got pregnant and I did think to myself, I’m not really ready to have children, but this is an amazing opportunity.

“I hadn’t planned to get pregnant and unfortunately I had a miscarriage very late down the line.”

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She added: “I just feel like, if I’d known in my 20s how difficult having children would be in my 30s, I think I would have made different choices.

“I think women think they can go through life and just have a baby whenever they want. Well, some can and some can’t.

“And I don’t think I really realised that, I got so caught up in my world.”

Brook, who is now in a relationship with Italian model Jeremy Parisi, said: “Now I don’t know if I’m going to be able to carry a baby.

“I don’t know if that’s in my future now.”


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