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Improbable movie titles invented by Northern Ireland film fans

By Amanda Poole

Would you pay to see Armaghgedon, North by North West 200, Pretty Weemin or Wean's World?

Proving that people from Northern Ireland are able to laugh at themselves - the topic ' LostNornIronMovies' has been causing a sensation on Twitter.

Movie names making a play on our culture, colloquialisms, politicians and much more have been entertaining Twitter users from Northern Ireland and beyond.

The social networking site has been buzzing over the weekend with imaginative ideas from Tweeters young and old.

Camerata Ireland musical director Barry Douglas joined in the fun.

Barry told the Belfast Telegraph he viewed it as a fun challenge and liked the titles UnforDungiven and Titanic.

East Belfast MP Naomi Long is one Twitter fan who can't stop making suggestions.

She said she's a little bit addicted to the new trend and her whole family can't stop thinking of fresh ideas.

The down-to-earth politician suggested, Silence of the Lambegs and Driving Miss Daisy Hill as two of her favourite lost movies.

Belfast model Katie Larmour thought the Twitter trend was very funny.

When the Belfast Telegraph asked her for a few suggestions she came up with, Bugsy from the Malone and Pirates of Ballybeen.

The movies topic has proved so popular that other similar subjects including books and pop stars are now doing the rounds in the Twitterverse.

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