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In Video: Animal battles – when nature gets nasty

The predictably great opening episode of the BBC’s new Africa series featured a breathtaking giraffe-off and one of the most spectacular fights committed to film.

The otherwise placid giants were captured in rare footage competing for the run of the Namib desert.

Their weapons: their long necks, which the bulls use to whip their heads at each other with brain-rattling ferocity.

See who wins in the clip above, narrated by David Attenborough.

Film crews and lucky tourists have created a terrifying video library of fights to make any boxing bout seem tame by comparison.

Here are some of the most impressive:

Battle at Kruger

When a tourist uploaded this extraordinary eight-minute battle between lions, buffalo and a crocodile, it scored 70 million views and spawned a National Geographic documentary about the clip itself.

Sea lions

In short, don’t mess with an elephant seal.

Killer whale Vs Grey whale

The sea turns red as whale species go to war.

Hippo fight

An old bull is spared nothing of the ferocity of its younger foe in a gory turf war.

Buffalo Vs Lion

A pride of lions does its worst but one animal limps away after a potentially deadly goring.

Woodpecker vs Snake

The bird returns to its nest in a tree to find a massive snake has made itself at home. A crazed airborne tussle ensues.

Cobra Vs David Attenborough

And finally... a very brave Sir Dave squares up to a deadly cobra with only a flimsy visor for protection.

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