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Interview 'flown' into North Korea

The Interview may be seen in North Korea after all, with an activist saying he plans to fly copies of the film into the country using balloons.

The comedy, about two US journalists (James Franco and Seth Rogen) tasked by the CIA with assassinating North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un, has inflamed North Korea for parodying its leader and its release was temporarily halted amid terrorist threats.

Now defector Park Sang-Hak has revealed he is hoping to send 100,000 copies of the controversial film into the country on DVD and USB sticks using giant helium balloons.

He has been quoted as telling AFP news agency: "Probably the first launch will be made in late January if weather conditions allow."

He has said he will be working with the Human Rights Foundation to make the air-drop.

The campaigner has explained that he believes North Korea's "absolute leadership will crumble if the idolisation of leader Kim breaks down".

The film has caused tension between North Korea and the US, with suggestions the country was behind the hacking attacks on Sony.

Balloons have been used before to take propaganda and other items into North Korea.


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