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Irish dancer David Geaney stepping up his game for BGT semi-final



David Geaney (Thames / Syco Entertainment)

David Geaney (Thames / Syco Entertainment)

ITV / Thames / Syco

David Geaney (Thames / Syco Entertainment)

He's a five time world champion Irish dancer, but David Geaney still felt the pressure during his first audition for the Britain's Got Talent judges.

"I was always involved in competitions, I had one every weekend, so being on stage never fazes me," says David, who started dancing when he was 6.

"The whole aspect of being on TV, standing side stage, none of that fazes me.  I’m never nervous, but the minute you get out on [the BGT] stage the reality slaps you n the face.

"What you’re doing is a massive risk.  It could go either way.  They might love you, but they might hate you.  You’re putting your reputation on the line."

He need not have worried as he bagged four yeses from the judges, hot footing his way through to the live semi-finals.

However, Cowell remarked that "the idea was better than the execution because the music wasn't great," while Alicia added that he had a "beautiful smile" and she would like to "have seen that, a bit of showmanship, in your face".

Walliams agreed with Alicia adding: "He could have more showmanship."

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David agrees with the judges' appraisal of his BGT debut.

"I think the judges saw potential in the idea," he says.  "I had a great idea but it was nowhere near developed enough.  The audition was raw, it was different, but nowhere near where it could be.

"They saw the potential in it and put me through so I’ve [had the chance] to work with Britain’s Got Talent on my ideas, speak to people who really know what they’re doing, and now I’m very confident about the next one."

He adds: "For years I’ve gotten away with freestyle dancing, dancing in the family pub jumping in with musicians.  So it’s time I started performing, upping my game.  I can’t keep getting away with being a simple freestyler.  I’ve learned so much about performing with every part of my body through Britain’s Got Talent.

"In terms of my own performance you won’t see me lost in my own zone.  I’ll be trying to capture the audience and bring them with me through the whole routine."

During his audition David performed with holograms of himself on a giant screen in the background.  Some viewers felt he had copied Beyonce and he admits she was one of the artists who inspired him.


David Geaney (Thames / Syco Entertainment)

David Geaney (Thames / Syco Entertainment)

ITV / Thames / Syco

David Geaney (Thames / Syco Entertainment)

"Beyonce was definitely an inspiration... and Michael Jackson," he says.  "Lady Gaga used it on a couple of videos.  They were all inspiration.  I’m obsessed with it, the technology side of it."

However, he says "it's a tedious process" ensuring the holograms work with the music and his own live performance.

"The first draft of my performance was nothing like what I ended up doing," he says.  "I spent hours upon hours editing that and the guy who edited it with me, we spent maybe 12 hours editing one section.  The following day we came back in and scrapped the whole lot of it!"

Despite the fact he's embracing technology like modern artists, he says his real inspiration for dancing comes from old Hollywood names including Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and Gene Kelly.

"I’m obsessed with old movies, all those films and those stars – they were so talented and had to everything.  I would definitely say they are my inspiration," he says.

Having just completed his final exams for a degree in Economics and Maths at University of Limerick, David reckons he has the "back-up plan" sorted but is determined to make dance his career.

His entire family are travelling over to London for his live semi-final audition including mum and dad Susan and Tom, sisters Susie (26) and Ciara (13), grandparents Eddie and Betty, and his girlfriend Anne-Marie Keany.


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