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Irons: I forge my own career path

Max Irons has revealed he likes to think he can forge his own acting career without relying on being known for who his parents are.

The 25-year-old model and actor, who stars alongside Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman in dark thriller Red Riding Hood, is the son of Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons and Irish actress Sinead Cusack, but doesn't like to think he is following in their footsteps.

Max said: "I always find the expression following in the footsteps odd because you always think you want to forge your own path, your own set of footsteps which I hope I'm doing and will continue to do.

"But I think they're happy for me and I'm very proud of them."

In Red Riding Hood, Max plays Henry, the rich man who Amanda's character is set to marry, but she is actually in love with Peter, played by Shiloh Fernanandez and they are planning to run away together.

Their plans go wrong when a werewolf kills her sister and the hunter, played by Gary Oldman is called in to catch the werewolf.

Max had great fun working on the film. He said: "Amanda's gorgeous, she's got a great sense of humour, she's just what you want, Shlioh was just as terrified of everything as I was, and Gary provided our soundtrack by singing the Beatles all day everyday. So it was perfect."

::Red Riding Hood is released April 15.


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