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Irvine: I still can't believe luck

Jeremy Irvine has confessed he's still pinching himself on film sets.

The actor - who is rumoured to be dating singer Ellie Goulding - has worked with big names such as Steven Spielberg and Dakota Fanning, but said he's still waiting to have his cover blown.

He told Metro: "I always feel like I've fooled someone and any moment they're going to tap me on the shoulder and say: 'We figured you out. You're not an actor.'

"I get overwhelmed. But they are professional and make you feel like you're on a level with them."

The Now Is Good star is glad he stuck it out as a jobbing actor before landing his big break in War Horse.

"I've spent two years walking around getting rejected, so to now be able to say I'm an actor without blushing is amazing," he added.


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