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‘It’s not as easy as you think!’: X Factor’s celebrity Overs in their own words

BBC journalist Martin Bashir and soap star Victoria Ekanoye will make their reality TV debut on the show.

Victoria Ekanoye and Jenny Ryan are among the candidates in The X Factor: Celebrity Overs category (Talkback/PA)
Victoria Ekanoye and Jenny Ryan are among the candidates in The X Factor: Celebrity Overs category (Talkback/PA)

By Alex Green, PA Entertainment Reporter

A whole host of famous faces are warming up their vocal chords ahead of the launch of the celebrity version of The X Factor.

Here are the stars of the Overs category, in their own words.

BBC journalist Martin Bashir

Martin Bashir (Talkback/PA)

“I’ve never sung before and it’s not as easy as you think! It’s hard.

“I’d never recognised how extraordinarily skilled singers are. I had no idea.”

Talk show host Ricki Lake

Ricki Lake (Talkback/PA)

“I think I might be a little nervous singing in front of Simon Cowell, truth be told, he’s a pretty intimidating guy.

“But I really love my songs, I’ve worked really hard, I think I sound pretty good for an amateur. I’m ready!”

The Chase quizzer Jenny Ryan

Jenny Ryan (Talkback/PA)

“I think there are a lot of people at home who watch The Chase, and I think it kind of applies to a lot of people who are watching any TV show or anything the way they’re familiar with the people, they start not to see them as human beings.

“They sort of think of me as if I’m a quiz robot just churning out facts.”

Coronation Street actress Victoria Ekanoye

Victoria Ekanoye (Talkback/PA)

“Oh God, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified. I am.

“But it’s weird, my nerves don’t really come from who I’m singing in front of – my nerves come more from my inability to sometimes lock into what I feel I’m capable of, which is usually down to my confidence levels.”

The X Factor: Celebrity will debut on ITV on October 12.



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