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Jackass 3.5 to be released on web

Johnny Knoxville's crew is again following a box-office release with a digital film - this time called Jackass 3.5.

Producers Paramount Pictures and MTV Films announced that Jackass 3.5 will be released in weekly online instalments, with a subsequent feature-length film released digitally in March. Exactly where Jackass 3.5 will be available wasn't announced.

The footage will feature surplus stunts from Jackass 3D, which has earned more than 116 million dollars at the box office since its October release.

In 2007, Jackass 2.5 similarly followed Jackass Number Two. It claimed to be the first broadband movie distributed by a major studio. Jackass 2.5 was streamed for a week for free by Blockbuster Inc, then made available for download and on DVD.

A representative for the film said Jackass 3.5 and Jackass 3D are different projects.


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