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Jackie Chan: I won't tolerate divas

Jackie Chan has said he will not work with divas on his films.

The Hollywood acting legend - who has written, directed, produced and stars in his new film Chinese Zodiac - revealed he will not tolerate people playing the star card when they work with him, as he insists on treating everybody equally.

Jackie said: "I don't care how good you are. I like people who can act but personality is very important.

"In front of the camera, but behind the camera is also important. I don't like people who are a big actor, acting so good, but behind the scenes, 'What I'm big star? I don't want this, I want big trailer, I want 10 assistants.'

"No! I don't like these kind of people.

"I'm just like everybody - we're the same. I eat at the same table. Everybody together."

The 58-year-old Hong Kong-born actor has said he wants to move more into directing now he is getting older.

In the new film he plays a "good thief", searching for the 12 bronze heads of the Chinese zodiac.

The six bronzes in the action adventure, which also features Laura Weissbecker, originally formed a set of 12, representing the animals of the Chinese zodiac.


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