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Jackman: Captives is a great script

Hugh Jackman can't wait to saddle up for Unbound Captives.

The Real Steel star is already on board for the Western, where he plays a frontiersman alongside Robert Pattinson and Rachel Weisz.

"I'm absolutely attached, it is one of the best scripts I've read in a long time," he told MTV News.

"And as you know, Hollywood has a hard time with Westerns; it's hard to get them made and this is a really beautiful, beautiful script. It's written by Madeleine Stowe, who's going to direct it as well, so I really hope that one gets made."

He added: "I think that's a really important movie."

Rachel is set to play a married mother-of-two, who asks Hugh's character for help to rescue her kids - one of them will be played by Twilight heartthrob Robert - from a tribe of warriors.

"It's a great screenplay, and Robert and Hugh are both great actors. I like to work with all kinds of talented people, whatever the age," she has previously said.


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