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Jackman: Singing like a nude scene

Hugh Jackman has revealed singing his first big number on the set of Les Miserables was like doing a nude scene, because he felt so self-conscious.

The action hunk and Broadway star plays convict Jean Valjean in the new big screen adaptation of the epic musical set in the French revolution, directed by The King's Speech's Tom Hooper.

Hugh said of performing his first song for the film: "I suppose it was a bit like doing a nude scene. When you take your clothes off, everybody is self-conscious, but within an hour... It's nothing.

"I definitely felt more and more comfortable as we went. I think everybody did. It would become normal. Everyone was singing. Even the crew was singing!"

And Hugh got so comfortable with singing live on set, he would be up for shooting another musical the same way.

He said: "If I ever had it do to again, I would much prefer to sing live. There's something about the crucible of that moment, where everybody - the crew, you, the music - has to come together and work. It's frightening, but it's exciting."

Les Miserables is released in UK cinemas in January 2013.


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