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Jackman used research for Prisoners


Hugh Jackman stars as a father in Prisoners

Hugh Jackman stars as a father in Prisoners

Hugh Jackman stars as a father in Prisoners

Hugh Jackman tried not to think about his own kids while filming his latest movie.

The Australian actor plays a father searching for his abducted daughter in his new film Prisoners.

Hugh, who plays Keller Dover, a father whose young daughter goes missing during Thanksgiving celebrations, said that filming the movie had made him "more of a realist" and made him appreciate his children more.

The Oscar-nominated Les Miserables star said he tried not to think about his two adopted children (Oscar, 13, and Ava, eight) while filming, instead opting for research.

"As an actor, you can't go there. I've lost one of my kids in the supermarket before and I remember it vividly, but it's almost too strong an emotion to play," he said.

"I think it's better to use your imagination. I had unusual access to behind-the-scenes videos and testimonials from parents, police officers and community members and it's shattering to watch. I certainly hold them a little closer than I was. I'm more and more aware," he added.

Hugh revealed the shooting was "lighter" than people would expect, but the torture scenes were intense.

"Those were exhausting. Denis (Villeneuve) the director likes to run the film, he doesn't like to come in and cut all the time and one of the things that happens in these situations from the research we did was the extreme exhaustion people are operating under," he continued.

"There's desperation and emotion and nobody's sleeping. It's a horrible cocktail for any person. Those torture scenes were really intense, they needed to be intense and they needed to be uncomfortable to watch, because the film operates as a tense thriller and makes you question about violence and if torture is ever acceptable."

:: Prisoners is in cinemas now.