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Jackson not fan of comic book films

Peter Jackson has revealed he has no plans to work on any superhero movies, because he doesn't like comic books.

The Oscar-winning Lord Of The Rings filmmaker told Movie Fone he is looking to make small-scale films, now his Middle Earth adventure has come to an end with the final film in the Hobbit trilogy, The Battle Of The Five Armies.

"I don't really like the Hollywood blockbuster bandwagon that exists right now," he said.

"The industry and the advent of all the technology, has kind of lost its way. It's become very franchise driven and superhero driven. I've never read a comic book in my life so I'm immediately at a disadvantage and I have no interest in that. So now it's time for us to step back. We're heading towards something of that scale."

The 53-year-old director continued: "So, yes, I'm not going to head off and do a Marvel film. So if I don't do a Marvel film, I don't have any other choice - I've got to go make a small New Zealand movie!"

Peter said he would like to make more films based in his home country.

"I'm absolutely happy to make smaller films. It's what I want to do," he said.

"Fran (Walsh, his wife) and I, and obviously with Philippa (Boyens, screenwriter and producer), we made Heavenly Creatures as a chronicle of New Zealand. We're New Zealanders. Heavenly Creatures was the last time we made a movie about our own culture. So we want to go back and make some New Zealand stories."

The filmmaker also revealed how he doesn't look back at his own works.

"I never watch my movies," he said, adding: "One day I'll watch The Lovely Bones again. I'm almost ready to watch Heavenly Creatures again."


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