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Jackson signs up to Secret Service?

Samuel L Jackson is in talks to play the villain in comic-book movie The Secret Service.

The Django Unchained star is in discussions for the role in the big-screen adaptation of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbon's graphic novel, reported Variety.

Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio were reportedly approached about playing the baddie, but they both decided to pass on the job.

Colin Firth and Sir Michael Caine are already said to be on board for the upcoming film, which would be directed by Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class filmmaker Matthew Vaughn.

Colin is set to portray "the world's greatest secret agent", who is training his nephew - played by newcomer Taron Egerton - in the spy business, with Sir Michael cast as the head of the elite spy organisation

Emma Watson and Bella Heathcote are said to be in the running to take the female lead, although no formal talks have taken place.

Shooting on The Secret Service, which has been adapted by Matthew and his writing partner Jane Goldman, is expected to start in the autumn, in time for a 2014 release.

Samuel, last seen as houseboy Stephen in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, has a few roles coming up in Spike Lee's Oldboy remake, thriller Reasonable Doubt and the RoboCop reboot.

He will also reprise his role as Nick Fury in the Captain America sequel, The Winter Soldier, which will be out in 2014.


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