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Jade Goody plans her own funeral with Marmite joke

Jade Goody has started planning her own funeral.

The reality TV star joked that she should have a wreath in the shape of a Marmite jar -- because she is either loved or hated.

Goody has also cut her hair to a short crop in preparation for chemotherapy, saying: "I'm going to look like a boiled egg!''

The former Big Brother contestant, who has been given a 50-50 chance of survival, said that without the course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy she would be dead by Christmas.

She told OK! magazine: "It (the haircut) makes me feel less of a woman. But I don't want to wake up one morning and find clumps of hair all over my bed.''

She added: "Most people plan their weddings. But I'm planning my funeral.

"Some people say they don't want people crying, but I want people to cry over me!

"And I don't want anyone to have a booze up when I'm dead! They should have a cup of tea and be crying! I'd want to have an open funeral and let everyone who wanted to come along.''

The mother of Bobby (5) and Freddy (3) said she would never allow the event to be filmed on TV, telling the magazine: "I know I have lived most of my life in front of the cameras, but that would be sick.''

She said: "I've never been a God person, but now I pray every time I go to bed and say stuff like: 'Let me see my children grow'.''

Goody was on the Indian version of Big Brother when she discovered she had cervical cancer.

The Bermondsey-born star jetted home after show producers called her to the diary room to break the devastating news.

She had to undergo a hysterectomy after learning her cancer had spread to her womb.

"If there's one thing I would look forward to about dying it's that I'd want to be looking down on my family and continue to be part of their lives.''

She added: "I'd never wish this on anyone. Not even Bin Laden, not that he has a womb.''

She said: "I want to be remembered for being someone who had loads of ups and downs.

"I want to be the girl who p****d people off and made them laugh.

"Maybe at my funeral someone could send me a wreath in the shape of a Marmite bottle with the words underneath, 'you either loved her or hated her'.''

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