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Jaime hopes for career like dad Ray

Jaime Winstone has said she hopes to be as successful as her father Ray Winstone.

The 25-year-old actress stars in the award-winning British comedy Made In Dagenham but revealed she isn't desperate to become a Hollywood superstar - and just wants to have a long and successful career like her dad, star of Nil By Mouth and Sexy Beast.

Jaime said: "For me it's all about the part and if the role's right. It's not about the rush about becoming hugely known and going to Hollywood and making it big. For me it's about the work and I've seen my dad's career and how that's panned out, so for me it's about taking my time and about the quality, not the quantity really."

The young actress admitted having an actor father was an inspiration to her own career.

She said: "It's great. I really feel like, I know what I know obviously, but it is kind of in my blood a little bit and I love what I do. So it's really great to recognise great work and to have a papa that's so cool."


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