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Jaime Winstone: I'm a thorny rose

Jaime Winstone has joked that Hollywood is not yet ready for a "thorny English rose" like her.

The Elfie Hopkins star, who has yet to be in a big-budget American film, revealed she would like to do more Hollywood roles like her dad Ray, but wants to bide her time.

"I would love to go over but I just haven't had the b***** time to really commit. I'll go when I want to and when they are ready for me," she said.

"I'm a different sort of English rose - as some might say, I'm a thorny English rose. I don't want to go over and play a British version of Paris Hilton, I want to do some really good work. Maybe I'm not yet mature enough to get that work or to be cast in those roles."

Jaime - who has acted in Kidulthood and Made In Dagenham - insisted that her heart will always lie with British films.

"This is my home and this is where my friends are. The last ten years for me in this industry has been a real learning curve and I've learnt so much and built such strong relationships with this industry, and I love it," she said.

The actress is proud to be British.

"It's a great time for British films, with Dexter Fletcher's Wild Bill, Adam Deacon's Anuvahood and Elfie Hopkins," she continued. "Wild Bill is a beautiful British film with massive heart and Adam smashed it, he pulled it off so well. It shows that while we don't have as much money as America, we do deliver."


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