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James Bond posters fetch thousands as they go under the hammer

They were part of a huge sale of move posters to go up for auction.

From Russia With Love (Prop Store)
From Russia With Love (Prop Store)

By Laura Harding, PA Senior Entertainment Correspondent

A poster for the 1965 James Bond film Thunderball has sold for more than £12,000 as the largest collection of posters from the film franchise went under the hammer.

The four image-picture, which features Sean Connery as 007 attached to a jet pack, surrounded by women, fighting underwater and shooting an assailant on a beach, features the slogan: “Look up! Look out! Look down! James Bond does it everywhere.”

Thunderball quad advance poster (Prop Store)

It fetched £12,500 (including buyer’s premium), while a poster for 1962’s Dr No sold for £11,250, a US subway poster for Goldfinger from 1964 sold for £8,125 as more than 395 lots were sold as part of the Prop Store’s cinema poster live auction.

Dr No poster (Prop Store)

Elsewhere, a poster for From Russia With Love from 1963 and a Thunderball poster from 1965 fetched £6,875 each, while a UK teaser poster for Skyfall from 2012 sold for £3,125.

Multi-quad advance Skyfall poster (Prop Store)

Another US subway poster, this time for Thunderball, sold for £4,687.

Stephen Lane, CEO Prop Store, said: “This was a ground-breaking auction for us being the largest ever auction of James Bond posters anywhere in the world.

“We are hugely delighted with the breadth of international interest and expect this auction to be a real catalyst for three more blockbuster poster auctions in 2020.”



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