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James Nesbitt marvels at impact of Lucky Man

By Lucy Mapstone

James Nesbitt has revealed that he gets more people asking him about Stan Lee's Lucky Man than anything else he has ever worked on - with even Sir Alex Ferguson quizzing him about his starring role.

Nesbitt (53), who plays a character with the power to control luck with a supernatural bracelet, said that, for him, Lee's work and the comic book world in general was "never really my genre".

But he added that it "has been lovely" to discover the Marvel creator through working on his series. "One of the great surprises to me - but that's as a result of my own ignorance - is just how appealing Stan is and the notion of the magic of this bracelet and the mythology of it, the very world of Marvel and all those characters, how it appeals to people of all ages," he said.

"I'm honestly stopped by people in the street talking about Stan Lee more than almost anything else, about Lucky Man.

"And bizarre people - Alex Ferguson or somebody will go: 'Have you got the bracelet on?' It's extraordinary. It really appeals to people, such a simple notion."

Nesbitt added: "I only hear from Stan really through production. Stan's a man of a certain age, but it's been interesting, his influence is still very evident, he's all across the scripts, he makes the odd suggestions here and there."

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