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Jamie Lee Curtis: Halloween could inspire more strong female leads in Hollywood

She plays Laurie Strode in the latest film.

Jamie Lee Curtis believes her portrayal of Laurie Strode in the latest Halloween film could inspire more strong female leads in Hollywood movies.

The US actress is reprising a role she first played in the 1978 horror classic Halloween, for a new instalment which is the 11th in the franchise and set 40 years after the original.

In the upcoming film, Strode, who spent the first movie being hunted by her homicidal brother Michael Myers, confronts the trauma that has haunted her throughout her life.

Curtis, 59, said Laurie is a victim suffering post-traumatic stress disorder following a random attack but fighting back could open the door to further strong female lead characters in film.

She told the Press Association: “Women are taking their seat at the table in more and more places in all areas of the world; government, corporations, movies, music – it’s time.”

Asked if the film could be a catalyst for further strong female leads in major Hollywood films, she said: “Of course. If this movie is successful – it’s a business, and if the business supports it…”

Nick Castle played Myers – also known as The Shape – in the original Halloween and reprises the role in the latest film.

Myers is one of cinema’s best-known horror figures and his trademark white mask is often credited with the character’s success.

Castle said its stripped back features allow viewers to project their own fears on to it.

He said: “The mask itself is such a blank slate that the audience in a way creates the fear. That’s one of the clever tricks that John Carpenter and Tommy Wallace – who invented the mask –  came up with. It’s a real testament to their work.”

Drew Scheid also stars in the film. He admitted there was pressure to live up to the original.

He said: “We want to honour the original in a big way but it’s also our movie and we’re telling a continuation of the story.”

Halloween is released in the UK on October 19.


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