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Jane Fonda praises Michaela Coel’s ‘deeply moving’ I May Destroy You

Adele previously said the BBC One show was ‘the best thing’ she had seen on British television ‘for years’.


Jane Fonda (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Jane Fonda (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Jane Fonda (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Jane Fonda has hailed Michaela Coel’s hit series I May Destroy You as “sexy, sensual, funny, and deeply moving”.

The 12-part series, which airs on HBO in the US and BBC One in the UK, explores the question of sexual consent.

Actor and activist Fonda, who has previously said she was raped and faced sexual abuse, said the show addressed both issues in a way “we’ve never seen before”.

The 82-year-old also praised the programme – which Coel created, co-directed and stars in – as “so interesting and nuanced”.

Fonda told her 1.4 million Instagram followers: “I’ve never seen a show like I May Destroy You created by and starring Michaela Coel.

“It is so interesting and nuanced that I haven’t seen the full first season (because only 7 episodes have aired) and have already watched all 7 of them 3 times to catch all the subtleties.

“Most of the a-ha moments are delivered with no dialogue and I’m finding that the meaning of a lot of scenes only dawns on you the next day.

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‘I May Destroy You’ is the best thing I’ve seen on British TV for yeaaaarssss!! Go watch it on iplayer right now. It’s wholesome, uncomfortable, hilarious but terribly sad and then awkward...and then it makes you cough a bit for no reason and also makes you go put the kettle on, for no reason. You might pretend you need a pee and then you get a bit itchy, then it makes you ask your girls things you haven’t before. And then makes you want to run out in the street and laugh so hard like mad til you cry for absolute hours! I’ve never felt so many emotions at once! Absolutely fantastic 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Michaela Coel bloody SMASHED it 💫 Pro 👏🏻 found ♥️

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“It’s sexy, sensual, funny, and deeply moving, addressing issues of sexual assault and rape in a way that we’ve never seen before.”

She concluded: “Michaela is a deep talent, a true shape shifter.”

Fonda is the latest famous figure to share their love of the programme, after Adele hailed it as “the best thing” she had seen on British television “for years”.

Bafta-award winning Coel plays London-based writer Arabella in the series.