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January's tricky X-Men fight scenes

Michael Fassbender tried not to be too distracted by a skimpily-clad January Jones on the set of X-Men: First Class.

The duo - who co-star in Matthew Vaughn's prequel as Magneto and rival Emma Frost - had fight scenes together with the Mad Men actress dressed in figure-hugging clothing.

Michael tried to focus on making sure his co-star felt at ease: "To be honest, you try not to make her feel uncomfortable. It's a difficult scenario for her - she's dressed there in skimpy clothes and obviously there's a plethora of fans out there that get all excited at the prospect of it.

"I'm there working with her as a professional, so it wouldn't do well if I brought that giddiness into the room," he added.

James McAvoy admitted he, too, tried to focus on the job.

"I had to sort of rugby tackle January Jones's cleavage with Michael!" he joked.

:: X-Men: First Class is in cinemas now.


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