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Jason Donovan shares advice with daughter as she lands role in Neighbours

Jemma Donovan will play a member of the Robinson family in the Australian soap.

Jason Donovan shares advice with daughter as she lands role in Neighbours (Isabel Infantes/PA)
Jason Donovan shares advice with daughter as she lands role in Neighbours (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Jason Donovan has told of his excitement as he shared advice with his daughter Jemma, who is following in his footsteps with a role in Neighbours.

The actor, who rose to fame playing Scott Robinson in the Australian soap in the late 1980s opposite Kylie Minogue, said his daughter should make sure to enjoy herself while always being professional.

He said he sees the soap as an “incredible learning curve for any young actor”.

Jemma will play Harlow Robinson, described by the programme as a “whip smart, diplomatic, complex young girl with a curious mind”.

More about her character and storyline will be revealed over the coming months as to her place in Ramsay Street’s Robinson family, linking her to her father’s beloved character.

She will celebrate her 19th birthday on the show’s set on Thursday.

Offering advice, Jason told Jemma to “work hard, keep fit, respect others”, adding: “Be professional and always have a laugh. Enjoy yourself. It’s important to enjoy the process.

“I just hope she sees it as a learning curve and continues to develop her skills. Performing is all about having a passion.

“Neighbours moves extremely quickly so she’ll need to be on her feet and prepared. Work hard … that’s the best advice.”

The actor and singer also said he is envious of her moving to Melbourne for filming from the UK.

Jason Donovan, centre, with his daughter Jemma and son Zac (Isabel Infantes/PA)

The Australian star, who now lives in London, said: “Technology has come a long way since I was travelling in my late teens. FaceTime will be a valuable tool. It’s going to be tough but she has a wonderful family network in Melbourne.

“She loves Australia and has always wanted to spend time there. I have to say I’m jealous!”

Jemma, who will appear on screens from July, is also following in the footsteps of her grandfather, Jason’s dad Terence, who appeared in Neighbours as Doug Willis from 1990.

The young actress’s previous acting credits include BBC One film Mr Stink, and Netflix series Spotless in 2015.

Jemma said: “I was so happy and very honoured to be a part of a series which has been enjoyed by generations.

“The timing was also perfect because since my previous role on Spotless in 2015, I stopped going to auditions and acting because I wanted to finish my schooling, get my A-levels and see what I wanted to do after that, so it’s great how everything has fallen into place.”



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