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Jason Isaacs shares jetlag mishap that left him naked in hotel corridor

The Harry Potter actor managed to beat a quick retreat.

Jason Isaacs (Ian West/PA)
Jason Isaacs (Ian West/PA)

Jason Isaacs has revealed he ended up naked in a hotel corridor after stumbling in the dark with jetlag.

The Harry Potter star, who is currently appearing in the second series of Netflix drama The OA, said he was in a “stupor” when he accidentally emerged from his bedroom without any clothes on.

He added that he managed to make a quick retreat back into the safety of his room by jamming his toe in the door frame moments before it closed.

Jason Isaacs (Jonathan Brady/PA)

He wrote on Twitter: “Jetlagged stupor. Woke ’cause sadist before me set hotel room alarm for 6am.

“Felt my way to bathroom. Did biz in dark. Opened door back to bedroom. Inexplicably light. Closed eyes. Felt for switch. In corridor naked. F**k.

“Jammed toe in closing door with inch to go. Can’t sleep.”

Fans were quick to point out that his mishap will have been captured on camera by the hotel’s security operation.

One wrote: “That hotel CCTV will be all over the internet by tomorrow…”

Another said: “May as well give up and get some coffee. Btw – security cameras in corridors. Might want to ask them to erase it…”



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