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Jennifer Aniston's on-set romance

Justin Theroux was not the only object of Jennifer Aniston's affections on the set of her new film Wanderlust, she has revealed.

The Hollywood actress told Daybreak she fell in love with a goat while working on the romantic comedy.

Jen and Justin - who started dating after making the film together - had to milk the goat in the movie.

Jen confessed that she had strong feelings for the animal, telling the ITV1 show: "When we were doing our screen test, I met that goat because I had never milked a goat in my life... I grew up in New York City."

"But," she confessed: "I fell in love with our goat!"

The star plays one-half of a Manhattan couple who pack in urban life to move to a rural commune.

But Jen said she'd never be enticed by the lifestyle.

"Getting away is always something I love to do, of course," she said, "but the commune I think is a little extreme."


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