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Jenny Agutter's Midwife surprise

Jenny Agutter has said she was blown away by the response to TV series Call The Midwife.

The Railway Children and An American Werewolf In London actress starred with Jessica Raine and Miranda Hart in the BBC One drama, which has been green-lit for a second series.

"You never really can tell what is going to happen. You hope, and you do something because you like it, and it was lovely to make," she said.

"A really good cast and beautifully shot I thought, but then you just wait to see if it will pick up with an audience.

"I've never known any work I've done, apart from The Railway Children, go right across the board with different sorts of people wanting to watch it."

Jenny also has a role with Bob Hoskins in the new film Outside Bet, about print workers going on strike in the Eighties.

She also has a part in upcoming blockbuster Avengers Assemble.

Jenny said: "I've not really done a big movie like that for a long time. I briefly passed by Scarlett Johansson and worked with Samuel L Jackson, and he was a delight to work with.

"He's someone who's enthusiastic and loves what he's doing and chats away in the make-up room, which is always fun. It should be a big one. It's got a big following."


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