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Jeremy Corbyn not the best possible Labour leader, says Sir Tony Robinson

However, the actor said he can still see Corbyn being successful and leading the Labour Party to victory in the future.

Blackadder star and Labour supporter Sir Tony Robinson said he does not think Jeremy Corbyn is the best possible leader the party could have.

However, the actor said he can still see Corbyn being successful and leading the Labour Party to victory in the future, despite his personal opinion.

The 70-year-old TV veteran also said he can “see the Tory government messing up big time” in the near future, following the negative reaction to Chancellor Philip Hammond’s first budget.

Sir Tony told the Press Association: “Do I think Jeremy is the best leader the Labour Party could possibly have? No, but does that mean he won’t win? No it doesn’t.”

He said we are living in a time where “anything can happen”, but that this level of uncertainty in politics is relatively unheard of in recent years.

“It’s not the only time in history when anything could have happened,” he said.

“Imagine what it must have been like during the War of the Roses – any country that is occupied, you have no idea what is going to happen.

“It’s just that we have lived in a time where we have had the luxury of such stability since 1946, that we assume everything is sort of pre-destined or at least will unroll like a new carpet.”

Sir Tony said: “Imagine if Brexit is really messed up and given what has happened to the Chancellor, I can see this Tory government really messing up big time.

“Could there be a coalition government next time? Yes. Could Labour be the biggest party? Yes.

“Would Jeremy therefore be the leader? Yes. All these things are possible, it isn’t Comedyville – we have no idea what will happen.”

Sir Tony made the comments ahead of channel Yesterday airing its History in Blackadder Season, which will see every episode of the hit sitcom broadcast alongside documentaries associated with each historical era.

He referenced the “controversial” choice for schools to use the final series of the sitcom set in the First World War – Blackadder Goes Forth – as an educational aid, and his 2014 row with then-secretary of state for education Michael Gove.

Gove had criticised Blackadder being used and said that it was “feeding myths”.

Of their disagreement, Sir Tony said: “I had a row with Michael Gove when he was the education secretary.

“He thought it was inappropriate that Blackadder Goes Forth should be incorporated into teaching the First World War, which I thought was a very stupid observation.”

He added: “Shortly after that he was removed as the education secretary and is now not even in the government, so I think I won.”

:: Blackadder Season will be on Yesterday from Monday April 10 at 7pm and available on catch-up on UKTV Play.


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