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Jeremy Renner confirms MI:5 return

Jeremy Renner has confirmed that he will reprise his role as William Brandt in Mission: Impossible 5.

Tom Cruise is already signed up to return as Ethan Hunt in the next instalment of the spy thriller franchise, but it has been left unclear which of his Ghost Protocol co-stars will join him.

Now Jeremy has revealed in an interview with Yahoo that he is on board for the next impossible mission as he answered a question about whether he would be appearing in HBO crime series True Detective.

Jeremy said: "It's kind of unlikely. In fact, I'm kind of strapped time-wise doing Avengers 2, and Mission: Impossible 5 is rearing its head, and then they want to do another Bourne movie.

"It's unlikely I can find the time right now. And that's all right. It's just really high-class problems - pretty awesome to have. Even if I really wanted to do it, which I don't, I couldn't."

Chris McQuarrie is directing MI:5 from a script written by Drew Pearce and rewritten by Will Staples.

Simon Pegg confirmed he will reprise his role in the franchise last year.

Jeremy is filming Avengers: Age Of Ultron at the moment, the next Bourne film is expected to begin shooting soon to meet its 2015 release date and Mission: Impossible 5 is due out in cinemas in December 2015.


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