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Jerry Hall's movie model training

Jerry Hall has revealed her love of old movies has helped her daughters in their modelling careers.

The Texan model, actress and ex-wife of Rolling Stone Mick Jagger is mother to models Lizzie and Georgia Jagger, who she thinks have learnt to pout from watching old Bette Davis movies.

Jerry explained: "With my daughters being models, I brought them up to see how important it was to know that the old movie stars were glamorous icons of their age, and the references and periods and clothes - you learn so much from watching those old movies.

"When my daughters, Elizabeth and Georgia, worked for Karl Lagerfeld they both said, 'Oh Mom, it was amazing, because he said to be like Bette Davis, and I knew exactly what he was talking about'. So it's helped them with their modelling careers."

Jerry is currently promoting film channel TCM's Western Week, which sees a collection of classic and contemporary Western films and TV series being put together for fans of the genre.

She revealed it is her unfulfilled ambition to appear in a Western.

Jerry said: "I long to be in a Western! That's the one thing in the world."

::TCM's Western Week starts on September 6, and is available on Sky 317 and Virgin TV 415. For more information, visit


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